Discover the Vila Đurić - Petrovac

We used to be a boarding house, hotel, now we are a villa, we always had “ĐURIĆ” in common. The family that was always waiting for you!

Why Villa Đurić?

Accommodation with swimming pool - hotel standards

In the world of the family-run hotels for some time “hit” as the visitors saturated featureless large complex. They got tired of be anonymous and do not make contact with their host because such guests want a warm welcome, conversations, small signs of attention, a friendly relationship …


Quality, Beautiful, Clean, ideal for families

All accommodation units are equipped with their own bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV, WiFi internet, refrigerator, safe, hair dryer. The four double rooms are the only ones that are not made up of two rooms. All other rooms are two separate rooms. In addition to standard double rooms, the hotel also has ten “Junior suite” rooms.

5 why

Petrovac by the sea

Petrovac on the sea beaches: Buljarice, Lučice, Gradska, Perazića Do, Drobni Pjesak Hidden from traffic and full of greenery. Everything is close, and everything is there, exactly where you look for it, exactly when you need it. It has “Vila Đurić” to complete it with style and charm.

Best accommodation in Petrovac

The family-run hotel in Petrovac with affordable prices, incorporated in traditional Mediterranean architecture with a touch of a warm home! At only 18 km from Budva, Montenegro`s tourism capital, can enjoy the harmony of nature and mediterranean food and still not miss any event which wants to participate!

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