About the place

Petrovac on the sea

Petrovac is a small tourist town located halfway between Budva and Bar. The place itself is ideal for young families with children. The trademark of Petrovac is its fortress “Lazaret”. Descending from it, one enters a small pedestrian street that follows the city beach to “Malog Brdo”. The promenade is filled with old buildings, of which the building “Crvena Komuna” stands out.


Petrovac with its 5 beaches


Open sea

The beaches in Petrovac are “Gradska”, “Lucice”, “Buljarice”, “Perazića Do”, “Drobni Pjesak”. All beaches can be reached on foot, and the more distant beaches have designated parking areas for cars.


Budva City Theater

Petrovac complements its peace with the proximity of Budva and all cultural events. “Grad Teatar” is the event that we at our little Villa Đurić prefer to visit and recommend to everyone!


Petrovac Night

The last Saturday in August is traditionally reserved for “Petrovačka Noć”. Manifestation, fair, entertainment, concerts…



The sandy beach is over 2 km long and the largest on the Budva Riviera. About half of the beach is arranged for swimming in its part closer to Petrovac. The rest is for wild nature lovers. Buljaica is also a populated place. You can drive almost to the sea itself. Sunbeds, cafes, restaurants are a given.



Lučice beach is located in the next smaller bay on the road from Buljarica to Petrovac. Lučice Beach is the holder of the “Blue Flag” international award. An ecological standard that is awarded to beaches that meet thirty-two binding criteria. It is located in a bay between two capes, surrounded by a forest of cypress and pine trees, isolated from the noise of the city. It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Montenegrin coast. Parking is located next to the beach itself (for a fee).


Perazića Do

It extends in the surroundings of the former hotel “AS” and can be reached by the most beautiful footpath in Petrovac through the pine forest. About a 45-minute easy walk from Villa Đurić can be experienced as a pleasure. And when you get there DELIGHT. We will tell you NOTHING other than that we will surely meet there. Recommendation of the owner of Villa Đurić!


Drobni Pjesak

It is located on the road to Budva and can be reached by car. In fact, its biggest problem is getting to it due to the very steep descent from the highway. However, we would like to recommend going to this place to everyone. The recommendation is by boat, but all that falls into oblivion once you get there. PERFECT freedom, beauty, wildness, just brave…


Petrovac city beach